VERY Glitchy uTonic in FL studio

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  • Myst

    When I am using it within the DAW it works fine, but when I export the file to any format whatsoever, it sounds all jumbled up and quite horrible. I'll include a 15 second clip below. I would really appreciate some help as I love this plugin but as it is at the moment it is completely useless to me.

    Here is the sound clip:

    Kind reagrds.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Not heard that one before. What version of FL Studio are you using? Mac or Windows?

  • Myst

    Windows and version 20 latest build. Would really love a solution.

  • Birdfingers

    This is the same issue I've been having for a while now. It works fine in the DAW, I can capture it in Edison but if I use the record to disk function it produces a result that sounds like a cd is skipping. Sometimes the last bar renders and I can use that. Hope you can replicate it and see if it's something that can be fixed as I love uTonic and it is kind of half-broken for me.

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