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    Merry Christmas everyone! As mentioned earlier we are contributing to a rain-forest conservation project organized by WWF. The project operates in Bolivia. The objective is to purchase land in order to protect it from market forces, population pressure and infrastructure advances that continue to pry open the Amazon rain-forest. I would like to take this opportunity to present some more facts from WWF.

    The Amboro Protected Area is considered one of Bolivia’s most important natural patrimony treasures. Its 637,600 ha:s encompass four eco-regions (Amazon, Chaco, Cerrado and Andes) and include a rich array in terms of biodiversity including approximately 3,000 species of plants, 100 amphibians, 100 reptiles, 800 birds and 120 mammals.

    Planning ahead of potential habitat destruction, WWF, is working with local partners to string together critical habitats via the "Amboro-Madidi Ecological Corridor." Covering nearly five million hectares, this wildlife corridor will connect sustainably logged and hunted areas with protected areas in Bolivia, stretching from Amboró National Park in the south to the Madidi park in the northwest.


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