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  • Matteo Gazzolo

    I read in the Micro Tonic manual that is possible to assign different patterns to be triggered by the keyboard (as in a groove-box kind of use, isn't it?), but the "step-by-step" procedure to do this is not described.
    I am very new to drum machines and maybe need help to do something very obvious to many, but... can someone help me to understand all the single steps to assign patterns to my midi controller's keys?

    Any help will get my gratitude :)


    MicroTonic 3.0.1
    Win7 32bit
    Cubase 5
    UMX 610 (midi controller)

  • Magnus Lidström

    In version 3 there are many alternative ways to trigger patterns and presets from MIDI keys, but the basic and default operation is this: key C3 and up will select pattern 'a' to 'l' and the new pattern will begin after the current pattern has finished.

    Remember, patterns do not include drum patches (the sounds), they only includes pattern data (i.e. the notes that play the drum patches). To change both patterns and drum patches you need to switch presets. Presets are loaded into program slots, and the top-most numeric display shows the currently selected program slot. Right-click this display and select "Edit MIDI CC / Keys". Next, click on the gray little '---' square and play a note on your MIDI keyboard. This will be the base note, and you can switch presets from that note and upwards (up to 16 different presets).

    Similarly you can select a different base note for switching patterns by selecting "Edit MIDI CC / Keys" and clicking the gray note display over the pattern buttons 'a' to 'l'.

    Finally if you wish pattern switches to take directly rather than after the current pattern has played through, right-click a pattern button (any) and choose "MIDI Config". There you will find some different options for the "Pattern MIDI Notes".

    • Switch Next - the default one that will switch after the current pattern has played through
    • Switch Directly - will switch directly on MIDI notes, but continue playing from current pattern position
    • Retrigger - will also switch directly, but restart the pattern from step 1 on every note (the most fun option if you ask me)
    • Retrigger Gated - works as "Retrigger" but will also stop the pattern when you release the key

    Note: as an alternative to right-clicking, most functions are also available from the main menu button (the top-most button with a down-pointing triangle).

  • Matteo Gazzolo

    Oh!! Thank You VERY Much!!
    I think I got all the instructions I need to perform patterns from midi keys now.
    A beginner like me might need in-depth "initiations" to processes that are not so obvious at first glance.

    By the way, I LOVE MicroTonic!! :wub:
    It is a very nice beast that guarantees creativity, fun and joy for a long time to come.

    Hugs and Smiles, matteo

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