Import from po 32 to Microtonic

Patricio Abate242 views2 posts
  • Patricio Abate

    Can I send data from the po 32 to the Microtonic?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry no, although the PO-32 and Microtonic are similar, they have quite different feature sets. For example, PO-32 has 16 patches, divided into 4 mono channels, whereas Microtonic has only 8 patches, each on its own stereo channel. Each PO-32 patch is two Microtonic patches which you can morph between, and PO-32 patterns include patch automation and real-time effects.

    When you transfer from Microtonic to the PO-32, your patches and presets are converted into PO-32 data that sounds as close as possible, but often it has to make compromises that alter how the patterns sound.

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