Microtonic asks to register, but already registered

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  • Bebe Ruhi

    I find very little time to fire up the music computer. I have microtonic bought and registered long ago. Recently, it said it's in demo so I had to register again and again. So now I have 3 licenses used. I am scared of running out of licenses and I really dislike having to register something I already own.

    Strangely, my DAW (Waveform) has been doing that, too.

    If there's anything I need to do, please say. Thanks!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    The computer authorization is tied to your unique computer ID, which sometimes changes (like during hardware or major os upgrades). This is perfectly normal and you just need to authorize the installation again.

    You do not need to worry, under normal use, you will never run into any licensing issues.

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