Renamed Patternium presets are not reconized...

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  • nanotron

    Renamed Patternium files are not reconized as xx.µTonic Presets since the last 3.01 update. For example I renamed a file 'Qualist Rubber Toms (109)' to reconize the sounds I wanted to work with later on.

    I'm sure that the file extensions were ok before the update, but now they are marked as unknown filetype. (a bug maybe?) I tryed the 'open with'-dialog, but I never used µTonic as standalone.

    Most presets I can recover via direct link. But I can't recover patterns like 'Qualist...(109)' because of the missing part of the name.

    Any ideas?

  • Fredrik Lidström


    There is currently no standalone version of MicroTonic. You will need to open the presets from within the MicroTonic interface. Version 3 can open both the new mtpreset files as well as the old files that had the mtpg extension.

    You mention there is a Patternarium pattern that you cannot recover? If you change the file extension to mtpg on that file, can you then open it from within MicroTonic? If not, could you please upload the file here so I can take a look if it damaged somehow?

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