Microtonic - pattern chains by default?

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  • Benjamin Harrison

    I've noticed when loading up any preset, as I go to initially change the patterns, they are chained by default. Is there anyway to globally turn this off?

    Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 5.56.17 PM.png
  • Benjamin Harrison

    Alright, so upon further exploration this isn't indicative of every preset. It seems that one just has to go through the patterns individually per preset and click each of the chain buttons to enable/disable them.

    Am I missing anything on this?


  • Magnus Lidström

    Each preset contains 12 patterns and each pattern may or may not chain to the next one. This is stored per pattern and preset and cannot be turned off globally. Sorry.

  • Benjamin Harrison


    Thank you and no apologies are needed. After playing with many hardware and software drum synths for years, I've finally found "the one" in MicroTonic. Thank you immensely for creating this and thank you for the reply!

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