Your DAW of choice?

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  • Benjamin Harrison

    Hi All,

    Longtime Logic user here and even though I really like it for audio multi-tracking, I do get a little frustrated by the AU ecosystem when it comes to plugins.

    That being said, what are you guys using? I've been looking into BitWig, Waveform and Reaper as alternatives to Logic.

    I've used Ableton a little in the past and I've got Reason 10.

    70% of my time is spent dealing with audio; 30% with synths/MIDI.

    What are you using and why?

    Also, if you've jumped from Logic to another platform, are you happy that you made the transition?

  • frédéric Henrion

    I also use Logic and Live but my main DAW is Reaper.
    I use mainly VST instruments.
    Reaper is very good at audio handling.

    Once I got used to Reaper, logic seemed too basic to me, poor automation, no vst support, no personalisation of the UI, no media bay drag & drop.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    I'll give Reaper a much stronger look. Thanks mate!

  • frédéric Henrion

    - Benjamin Harrison wrote:
    I'll give Reaper a much stronger look. Thanks mate!

    You're welcome
    I even manage to transfert data from microtonic to PO32 on a Ubuntu old netbook running Reaper under Wine.
    No other Daw is so versatile.

  • stxlm

    I'm primarily a Reason user, but do use Live and Logic in certain cases. I love the rack UI and the Rack Extension system, I never liked using VST/AU because of how inconsistent it is. Pop-ups? Not my Jam. That's one reason I love Live - it has a great UI for native plugins. Logic's Plugin UI (esp legacy plugins) is its main detriment, but at least they have the Smart Controls.

    I really wanted Bitwig, but at the time that I trialed it, it didn't have ReWire support. So I skipped it.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    Bitwig 3.0 is looking pretty interesting. I've been messing a bit with Studio One 4 lately. So far, so good.

  • Luis Bicho

    I use Propellerhead Reason, it as a big update on Rendering and Latency, VSTs work like a charm now. Thumbs Up.

  • Joey Luck

    - Luis Bicho wrote:
    I use Propellerhead Reason, it as a big update on Rendering and Latency, VSTs work like a charm now. Thumbs Up.

    Same here. And yeah, the 10.3 update is great!
    For fans of Sonic Charge, if you choose to use Reason, you can use the VSTs as well as the Rack Extensions, but you also get Malström included as a native device.

  • Joey Luck

    Reason 11 was just announced and it will include the Reason Rack Plugin, a plugin version of the Reason Rack (VST and eventually AU as well).

    So those Sonic Charge fans who want to get their hands on Malström to use in their DAW of choice, will be able to. The Rack plugin comes with both the full version and Intro version of Reason, but unfortunately Malström is only included with the full version of Reason (unless that changes, it's not included with R10 version of Intro).

    YouTube Video
  • Nathan Talsma

    I use both Renoise 3 (Tracker) Ableton Live 9.

  • Collier Adair

    I have a lot of experience with Reaper and moderate experience with Logic and Cakewalk but my preferred DAW is FL Studio.
    Reaper is great for editing audio.
    Logic is balanced, can edit audio decently and has decent musical plugins for making beats.
    Cakewalk is trash at almost everything IMO lol, it works though.
    FL Studio is the king for beat-making for me, how it simultaneously operates as both a sequencer and piano roll works miracles for my workflow. It has great musical plugins and effects too. I can make a beat much faster and much more in-depth inside FL Studio than any other DAW. Editing audio inside the playlist is not too great but editing audio inside FL Studio's "Edison" is amazing.

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