Microtonic: Loading 3rd Party or User MIDI Grooves?

ITommy Zai161 views6 posts
  • ITommy Zai

    Is this possible? If so, how? If not, I'd love to see it have this feature. Many users have an extensive MIDI Drum Groove collection. It would be so sweet to drag-n-drop them onto uTonic and voila!!!

  • Magnus Lidström

    I did actually write a script for importing midi files a long time ago. Used it myself recently and found a small bug, but it turned out only to be an error when zero notes are imported, so no biggie.


  • ITommy Zai

    Magnus, FANTASTIC! Does the latest version of Microtonic have a working MIDI groove import/drag-n-drop feature? Oooooo, this is exciting. I have thousands of these 3rd party drum grooves that are wonderful for song inspiration and/or a starting point from which to build drum tracks. Please tell me more . . .

  • ITommy Zai

    Oops, I can see the link above is telling me more . . .

  • Magnus Lidström

    Cool! Hope you get it working. Here are some notes on how to install scripts if you haven't done that before: http://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/54-first-script-package-for-microtonic

  • ITommy Zai

    Thanks. May I ask . . . once script is in place is it fixed and endlessly usable without any additional manipulation?

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