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  • MrPete0282

    HI, i did a fresh windows install win7 sp1 64 bit using 32 bit daw and sonic charge plugins dont load in older projects. Although i did the initial run and activated them, when loading saved tracks echobode and permut8 dont load, while bitspeek loads normally so far!

    Idk if its related but i noticed i have 2 versions of vcr 2012 installed (all from vst installers), meaning 2 versions for both x64 and x86 visual c libraries (4 in total for 2012 vcr), could it be any conflict there?

    DAW is Studio One 2 v2.6.5, and i have installed the same sonic charge plugin versions as with the previous windows install but now something's gone wrong.


  • Magnus Lidström

    Do you mean that you can insert Echobode and Permut8 into new projects, but they won't load at all for existing projects?

    If that is the case I'm at a loss how to explain it. We haven't changed names or id's of these dll's ever, so the DAW must be confused by something else. I don't know how Studio One locates plug-ins specifically.

    You say that you are using a 32-bit version of Studio One. Have you tried just installing the 32-bit versions of Echobode and Permut8 to eliminate the risk that Studio One tries to load the 64-bit versions?

  • MrPete0282

    You 're right its the 64 bit versions causing the problem, the plugins loaded with default settings or not at all in other daws... thank you very much and happy new year!

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