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  • Istvan Papp

    HI again!

    I bought for the microtonic for PO-35 (i use Abelton under windows) and i want to transfer a sound to po-35. When i use the 35 to start the transfer (with record+sound button) and click the "5" button in microtonic on the transfer tab,than the po-35 gives me back the "send success" sound, but the transfer failed. I did this transfer with microphone.
    What am I doing wrong?please help!

  • Istvan Papp

    please help!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Not sure why it would give transfer success sound on a failure. Please note that on the PO-35 the sound you transfer should end up on button 5 (d-5) on the drum channel (sound 16). Not on sound 5 like it will on the PO-32.

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