Permut8 crashes Logic Pro

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    Hi there, I tried sending a bug report directly some weeks ago, but there was no response. Maybe the forum is a better place for it?

    Sometimes Logic crashes when starting up and loading a project containing Permut8. Once the startup-crash happens once, then all the times after that Logic instead freezes while starting up and loading the project, and the machine has to be rebooted in order to load the project again.

    Logic can be started in a "safe mode" to avoid loading the project, but then if the project is loaded manually, it still freezes, until after a reboot is performed.

    A crash report is attached:

    Permut8_Logic_crash_report.txt(112kB, 44 downloads)


  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Hmmm... Disturbing. I have not heard about this before and I cannot reproduce the problem myself, regardless how many times I restart Logic. It might have something to do with the exact MacOS version (yours is Mac OS X 10.12.6, I've only got 10.13 or 10.14 to test with at the moment). Looks like the crash is very early in the Audio Unit startup code.

    The fact that you need to reboot to get it working again means that the operating system is left in an invalid state, which normally a plug-in bug should not be able to cause on its own. One theory is that it is related to the deprecation of the Component Manager. However, many other plug-ins (including all our others) also use this deprecated technology.

    Have you tried any of our other plug-ins? Do they behave any better?

    Have you discovered any particular pattern when crashes seem to begin? E.g. is there any special project that seem to trigger it? Perhaps a combination with other specific plug-ins in use?

  • Users avatarJulian Crooke

    Thanks for looking into this issue Magnus, I agree it is disturbing!

    I have tried opening and closing Logic with the same project several times now and it's not crashing again yet.

    I'm reluctant to update to the latest macOS, since I've read stories about the graphics drivers for my GPU getting worse after 10.12.X. But maybe I'll try that next if this gets too troublesome.

    The issue occurs with different projects, but I'm not sure if your other plugins also crash since I haven't used them in a little while (even though I love them), and I haven't yet noticed whether there's a pattern related to plug-ins from other vendors.

    I wish I could pin it down more, but it's very intermittent. I'll keep an eye on it and get back to you if anything surfaces.

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    That is actually true. I have had problems with graphics sometimes becoming extremely sluggish since 10.13, although much less since a few OS updates ago.

    Please post here again if it happens, including a new crash log that I can compare to the first one. Thinking of making a beta build of Permut8 for you for further debugging, but a lot has changed since the last official build and I am not sure how easy it will be to build a stable version right now.

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