My first Pocket Operator, PO-35 speak

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  • Patrick Arend

    just got my first pocket operator, PO-35 SPEAK with protective case.
    This little thing is genius and very powerfull.
    It is my favourite piece of gear and i have some fairly expensive gear.

    I have been wishing for something like this for a long time.
    Its a little like MELODY SHEEP in a box for vocals.
    Its like a vocoder.
    Its like every great robot sound in the world and more.
    Its like autotune.
    All with really long sample time.
    A first for hardware vocal synth, as far as i know.

    Its is so cool that one could bulid other worldly vocal singing from a speech or someone just talking or something.
    I love this thing so much i am going to get another PO-35 SPEAK.

    I want to contribute something to this forum,
    so here is something that perhaps might help others with POCKET OPERATORS.

    This addresses the battery situation of POCKET OPERATORS.
    I set my PO on a little hard foam block about a foot wide.
    I cut holes in the foam for the PO's two knobs.
    Then i put PO face down on foam so PO is secured when taking out batteries or putting them in.

    I use a translucent tuff little rubber band i got with a subwoofer cable.
    I lay the rubber band on the battery compartment right in the middle.
    Then place the batteries in normaly with the rubber band under neath and over the top(in the middle).
    When i need to remove batteries, i just pull the rubber band and the batteries come out.
    Other materials will work too, its just finding the right thing.
    One could also tie one end of the material to top or bottom battery clip.

    Also, When i remove or put in batteries on PO,
    i try to keep my thumb near one end of the battery terminal without touching it, and my index finger near the other end.
    Always trying to keep it as centered as possible as not to have the batteries bend the battery terminal prongs.

    I hope this is usefull to someone.
    It works well for me and gives me a secure feeling when dealing with PO battery placement.


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