PO-35 Crowing like a rooster

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  • Patrick Arend

    Was messing with the alarm on my PO-35 SPEAK,
    It came on to a beep.
    Today it came on to a rooster crowing, lol.

    I really love the whimsical nature of the POCKET OPERATORS.
    And those those little playfull cartoon figures on the lcd are cool.

    Only thing is,
    when my PO-35 SPEAK shuts down the little cartoon puppy stays up all night wagging his tail.
    I guess he is guarding my PO-35, lol.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Glad you like it. Here's some worthless info; I tried to record my rooster several times (yes, I have a rooster) but it was too hard to make it crow on cue, and when he finally did crow, there was too much ambient noise. After a couple of mornings I gave up, and Magnus ended up using a professional recording instead.

  • Patrick Arend

    Excellent back story on PO-35 rooster crow.
    I grew up on a farm with chickens and roosters, so the PO-35's unexpected rooster was a nice unexpected nostalgia trip.

    Thank you very much for that sir.

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