PO-35 SPEAK not resetting?

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  • Patrick Arend

    When i put batteries back in PO-35,
    is it suppossed to reset and have factory samples?

    When i do this on my PO-35, my samples are still in the PO-35.
    Is this normal operation of PO-35?

    Many thanks for any info.

  • Patrick Arend

    Sorry for the duh post.
    I figured it out.

    Here is a little tip that everyone here probably already knows.
    Slip a little piece of paper between the negative end of the battery and the battery prong and
    you dont have to remove batteries when doing a factory reset.
    The paper will shut PO-35 off.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Right, you also have to hold [pattern] and [write] down when you reset it if you want to factory reset, but I guess you figured that out already. It can be a bit tricky but I usually just hold it with both hands, both buttons down and use my fingernail between the battery and the prong on the backside. A piece of paper is probably a good idea if you got really short fingernails. =)

  • Patrick Arend

    I had to use both hands too for the button presses.
    So i had to use my teeth to pull out the paper, lol.

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