latency in ableton

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  • gerard de la chanson

    hi the!

    after bouncing a sample out of a frozen ableton track containing microtonic, theres always a small latency. microtonic does this and also heartbeat. synapse audios eks pro doesnt do this and also bazzism2.

    is this a design decision? whys that?

    Unbenannt .JPG

    cheers, sebastian

  • Magnus Lidström

    How many samples is that? If it is more than around 4 samples I would start to worry. Otherwise it is probably some rounding error in latency compensation etc. Microtonic generates it sound in blocks of 64 samples (which is one reason why it is so CPU efficiency), meaning there will be 64 samples latency in any real-time application (this however is not uncommon even for hardware boxes). But this should be compensated properly by the host when rendering.

  • gerard de la chanson

    hi magnus!

    what do you mean by samples? those little dots you see when zooming in? i counted 55.

    Unbenannt   .JPG
  • Magnus Lidström

    Oh, that is way too much. I don't see that. This is what it looks like for me:

    Could you please tell us your exact version of Live, if you run PC or Mac (and if you use the AU or VST in case you run Mac)?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Also, notice that you should perform this test with the fastest possible oscillator attack. With a slower attack a little delay is introduced to fade out any existing sounds to get a more consistent transient when the oscillator retriggers.

  • gerard de la chanson

    its 10.0.6 and ive got a windows machine (win10). everything up to date

    and its the fastest attack time

  • gerard de la chanson

    ooouuups. retreat!!! it was a longer attack time.

    im really sorry!

  • gerard de la chanson

    that first jpg was from another project with no attack time. (zoomed in: looks like yours)


  • Magnus Lidström

    Haha. No problem. Glad we figured it out.

  • gerard de la chanson

    but still: theres a small latency! :)

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