input clip meter on PO-35 SPEAK?

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  • Patrick Arend

    I am getting a lot of great joy from my PO-35 SPEAK.
    It is so awesome.
    I just have one question.

    When using PO-35 line input, is there some kind of clip meter to show how loud incoming sounds are?
    I do not want to overload the PO-35 input line.

    Many thanks for any info on this.

  • Patrick Arend

    i figured out that PO-35 doesnt have a clip indicator on the record meters.
    The sound from the input isnt distorting and i have alot of gain outputting so its all good.

  • Magnus Lidström

    The last LED #16 is actually a clip indicator. It will stay bright for a little while if the input signal has clipped. However the way the analog amplifier was configured in the final version effectively limits the signal from ever reaching that level. Furthermore it is perfectly fine to sample with low input levels too. The nature of the LPC algorithm makes it resistent to noise and the sample is automatically compressed and normalized.

    So yeah, you basically don't have to care about input levels for the PO-35. It is made to sound good with any input signal.

  • Patrick Arend

    Thank you very much for the good info mr Lidstrom.
    It is good to know that led #16 is a clip indicator.
    I never got that high on the meters as i was afraid of distorting the signal.

    and i thank you and your brother Fredrik, for creating the PO-35 SPEAK.
    A device that is truly unique among hardware synth/vocal fx.
    I will have endless uses for the amazing PO-35 SPEAK.

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