Bitwig & Microtonic Not Recording MIDI

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  • Justin Partain

    I have "Pattern engine sends MIDI notes" enabled on Microtonic, but I can't get MIDI down in Bitwig without the drag and drop MIDI tool in Microtonic. I would expect to be able to change the pattern on the fly and have Microtonic output MIDI data that Bitwig would then record. Is this not how it works?

  • Justin Partain

    I just figured out a work around. In Bitwig, you can add an Instrument Track and have it receive input from the Microtonic device from a separate track. Maybe this is a Bitwig problem?

  • Mike Johnston

    Wanted to second that your fix worked for a challenge I was encountering. In lieu of copy-pasting the midi from utonic, I was having difficulty recording utonic patterns "in the live", e.g. I love throwing things together in the clip launcher view for bitwig, but I ran into difficulties with utonic playing when I clicked the global play button in bitwig, and the midi would rewrite itself in the utonic clip to whatever the currently selected pattern was. With your tip, I have created two instrument tracks, both with utonic, and set the second to receive input from the first. I have to make sure that they are both set to the same preset, but this way I can record midi and make changes (e.g. adding/subtracting notes) that are read and reflected in the recorded midi clip. Thanks for sharing this!

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