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    What is it?

    Patternarium is a collection of computer generated patterns for Microtonic created through principles of evolution. All the sounds and rhythms are produced by algorithms running on our servers (even the names are made up by random). Think of Patternarium as a giant collaborative patch randomizer.

    How does it work?

    Our servers are regularly spawning new generations of a thousand unique patterns, each one being the cross product of two other patterns picked at random. The higher votes a certain pattern receives, the more likely it is to get picked and bear offspring into the next generation. This means that you may participate and influence the outcome of Patternarium simply by voting.


    Click "vote up" on the kinds of rhythms you would like to hear more of and click "vote down" on the kinds you can live without. Voting will automatically bring you to the next pattern. Voting is only enabled on the latest generation, to navigate without voting, click the left and right arrows. The order in which patterns appear is random and different for each user but you can copy the direct page URL you are on to share a specific pattern with your friends.

    The infobox that folds out from the upper right corner will give you some more info on the pattern, including how people have voted so far. It will also let you explore the origin ("ascendants") and offspring ("descendants") of a pattern.

    How can I use the patterns?

    Use the download button to download the current pattern as a ".mtpreset" file and load it into the Microtonic plug-in. If your Microtonic is up and running, simply click the "copy" button and paste it directly into Microtonic (using the "main menu" in Microtonic). Once loaded into the plug-in it is easy to tweak the pattern to make it sound just like you want it to.

    Where can I find Microtonic?

    You can download the Microtonic installer from our download page. If you do not own a license, it will run in a limited demo mode, where you can try out all of the essential features. Product licenses can be purchased through our products page.

    On Mac

    Microtonic is available as a stand-alone application, VST 2.4 and Audio Unit 2 plug-in on MacOS. You can find the stand-alone in your Applications folder after installation.

    On Windows

    Microtonic is only available as a plugin on Windows and it requires a host application that supports VST 2.4. If you do not have a host application you can still try it out in a free host such as VSTHost.


    All patterns created by Patternarium are public domain and free to use for any purposes you desire. However, if you use Patternarium and Microtonic to create commercial sample sets (for sample CDs etc) or MIDI-file libraries we would appreciate if you sent us an e-mail first.

    You are required to purchase a license of Microtonic if you use it in your audio productions or performances. Besides unlocking the software, getting access to additional downloads and tech support you will help finance further development of Sonic Charge products and we will love you forever. ❤️

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Patternarium 2.0


    Marking patterns as favorites does not affect the voting, use it to mark interesting patterns in the generation that you are currently browsing. If you use Patternarium on multiple devices, make sure you sign in to sync the votes and favorites.


    Switch between "Show all", "Favorites" and "Unvoted". If you switch to the "Favorites" filter the download button will download a zip package of all the patterns you marked in the generation.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    ← (left arrow)Go to previous↓ (down arrow)Vote down
    → (right arrow)Go to next↑ (up arrow)Vote up
    FFavorite toggleCCopy pattern
    IToggle infoDDownload

    Patternarium 2.0 is currently in public beta.
    Please post bug reports in the Patternarium 2.0-beta topic

  • toviaj

    Can Patternarium be used to operate in other VST like the Synplant? How Patternarium is made? Thank you

  • Flo Rein

    it is to me...very amazing...big respect...and thank you!...but i cannot understand the "quotes" on some tracks..

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