Bitspeek in Vegas bring back factory presets

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  • Christof Munoz

    Idk why but tweaking a setting is automatically overwriting factory presets. I've never seen this behaviour before. I'd like to get the factory presets back but can't find out how. Also is there a way to NOT save over the factory presets when using one of them as a starting point?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. Here is the factory bank fxb for Bitspeek:

    Bitspeek Factory Bank.fxb(0.98kB, 1405 downloads)

    I haven't used Vegas, but there ought to be a button somewhere with which you can load that fxb. Btw, this file really ought to be installed by the Bitspeek installer. I have made a note to fix this.

    Unfortunately there is no way to tell Bitspeek not to remember its latest settings. This is simply how all our plug-ins work. One motivation behind this is that there will be less risk of losing your settings if you accidentally remove a plug-in.

  • Christof Munoz

    This worked perfectly, thank you!

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