Microtonic cant get my trigged midi notes to play by themselves

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  • Ralph DAgostino

    Hello again, it has been a while since I used Microtonic. I'm using with Cubase 10 and I need a bit of assistance please. I have the multi version and all I can get it to do is to play the pre programmed patterns. I need to get it to play various sounds over single keys so I can record the patterns in midi and playback WITHOUT the pre programmed notes playing, follow?

    I'm using a MAudio Keystation on an Mac Pro. Any help please????


  • Sam Saw

    Patterns are triggered at C3 and above
    Single hits are triggered at C1 and above
    Hit STOP on the Microtonic GUI or CLEAR a Pattern.

  • Ralph DAgostino

    Hmm still a bit confused. This is what I need to do
    Have lets say 5 midi channels assigned to Microtonic
    I would think I need to use the Multi so lets say track one is assigned to C1 and I want to play ONE sound.

    Then midi channel 2 a different sound by itself on another track ( will this give me 2 instances of microtonic? Cause I can only get mptre than one sound to trigger C1 only.

    Any help or a vid I can watch?

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