No midi recording with Reaper

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    i'm using the Demo-Version of Synplant VST with Reaper and i'm thinking about buying the license. But there is a thing not working. I want to record a sequencer pattern with Reaper's Sequencer Megababy. So i changed record to "output (midi)" but do only get empty midi items. As soon as i change the VST for example to Reaper's ReaSynth instead of Synplant i do get the correct Signals.

    Then i tried to record the signals by using the virtual midi keyboard instead of the sequencer. Same picture. With ReaSynth everything works fine, with Synplant no signals are recorded. And as soon as i activate Synplant, ReaSynth stops working as well.

    By pressing on the keys in the Synplant window, recording works, by pressing the keys on the virtual keyboard, recording does not work (live playback works with both of them).

    Maybe you can help me with that.



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