Bitspeek registration key invalid

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  • anonymous

    I recently purchased purchased bitspeek but when i try to authorise the product it says that my serial number is invalid. I have tried entering the key several times and even copied and pasted all the details directly off the authorisation email but still get the same result. I am running ableton live as a DAW on a mac, please help.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi there. I will continue this in a private conversation since your registration data is involved.

  • Anders Baekholm Jensen

    I have the exact same problem with bitspeek.
    Can you help me, please??

    (logic pro x-user/license bought in pluginboutique)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Please note that PIB sends you a redemption code (serial number) that you need to add to your account by clicking the
    (+) Add License button on your account page.

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