PO 32 vs. Microtonic

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  • Diogo Almeida

    Hello there guys!

    I am trying to take the most out of my microtonic and use one of the drumm voices as a mono synth.
    So, I just need some clarification:

    • Is the pitch nob on the PO-32 directly related to the Oscilator pitch on the Microtonic?

    If so:

    • In the microtonic you have every value of oscilator pitch related to a note value. Does the same happen in the PO-32?

    ex.: If i set the pitch value in the PO-32 to 9 (should be C0 right?) and and then to 21 (C1??) I should have and octave above right?

    And because this is my first post I just would like to thank Mr. Magnus Lidström for this amazing synth!


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