Help! New instances of Synplant are muted / block midi (Ableton)...

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  • Brendan Donovan

    I have an Ableton Live 10.1 session template with a few tracks of Synplant ready to go, but whenever I create a NEW midi track and load a new instance of synplant, the midi signal stops at Synplant without any sound being produced. HOW DO I FIX THIS??

    I am forced to duplicate the old pre-loaded instances of Synplant- not the worst workaround in the world- but this gets annoying once I've applied processing, etc, to the pre-loaded tracks and I shouldn't have to deal with it. Anyone else have this problem? Do I need to reinstall it?


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Did you check the input and output channel settings in MIDI Config?

    Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 13.06.23.png
  • Brendan Donovan

    Thank you so much for replying!

    At some point I think I did make these^ my default settings and now it's working fine. THANKS!

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