No sound from Microtonic in FL Studio when bridged

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  • Alyson

    I'm new to Microtonic. I'm using it in FL Studio 20 on Windows 10. I've got a high DPI screen, so my system is set to scale everything to 200%. Unfortunately, Microtonic's UI is too small for me to see very well in FL Studio by default. I can get it to appear at a bigger size by configuring the plugin to be bridged and use an external window so it uses Windows system scaling. But when I bridge Microtonic, it doesn't play any sounds when I click twice on drum channels (it does play sounds when not bridged). Any ideas on how to either scale up the Microtonic UI in FL Studio without bridging the plugin or to get Microtonic to play sounds while bridged?

  • Alyson

    For anyone else who might run into the same issue, I was able to work around it by running the scaled FL Studio executable. This makes the FL Studio UI a little fuzzy, but it makes the Microtonic plugin big enough to be usable.

    I'd love to see a resizable UI for Microtonic in the future!

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