recording the output of the interface in realtime

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  • burton beerman

    the most interesting thing about this interface is the sound it can create in realtime by manipulating the ball and leaves (the reference to genes, leaves is a bit too much, but ok). I have it in ableton and it sounds fine but when I try and record it, I just a simple synth sound and not the interface manipulation that I would to record and use in a fixed digital media piece for dancers to use in concert from the digital file. this is in the tradition of tape muse and musique, etc but not sure why I do not year the interface being manipulated when the record function in abelton is running.
    I am brand new this synth and don't seem to understand it. can anyone advise how to do what I am after?

  • burton beerman

    tried recording the manipulated interface in realtime with a digital audio recorder close to the speakers and it wasn't too bad, especially after cleanup. reminds me of gmp plugins from ircam
    in result.

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