Microtonic sale?

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  • Conor OSuulivan


    Does there be ever a sale for soniccharge plugins? I would like to acquire microtonic but arguably its a bit too expensive these days

    Or is anybody looking to offload a license - ping me, cheers

  • Matija Tonković

    I'd sell my for 50us, but if you want you can have all my licenses for real cheap. I'm only missing Echobode. I have that one as reason's rack extension.

  • fabio f

    also interested in microtonic or the bundle

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry, we do not do sales.

  • exm

    do you do updates? ;)

    Kinda hoping to see some improvements UI-wise (on all plugins). They are kinda small on a 1080P or bigger screen

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It is something we are working towards yes. Right now, I'm taking the same UI design but just doing higher resolution for our effects (Bitspeek, Echobode, Permut8). It will be part of an upcoming maintenance update. Synplant will have to wait for Synplant 2. Microtonic is a bit harder because it's made with our first UI framework that we do not use anymore. Not sure how to tackle that one yet.

  • exm

    Ah..thanks for the update. It is indeed microtonic which is in need of an update, UI-wise (if you ask me).
    Good to hear though that you guys are still actively working on these awesome plugins! Thumbs up

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