Can you set Microtonic to receive what you made on PO-32 Tonic?

Paul Traficanti206 views2 posts
  • Paul Traficanti

    I know how to make something on microtonic and send it to PO-32 as the receiver. But, is there a way to make Microtonic the receiver and send things I created in PO-32 back to Microtonic? I mostly just want to be able to put something on my DAW and figured doing it this way would be higher quality.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    No sorry, the Microtonic and Tonic have different feature sets. We made transfer possible in one direction with some compromises, but not the other way around. You could try recreating it manually, using the PO-32 presets. But you would have to have a separate Microtonic instance for every preset where you use the morph feature.

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