Single voice version of uTonic

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  • Joe Frost


    I was wondering what people thought of the idea of a single voice plugin of the drum synth engine from uTonic.
    It's a great sounding synth engine and I would love the opportunity to drop a single voice into an Ableton drum rack to mix and match with things like Kick2, Simpler, a Polyplex voice etc.



  • spktkpkt

    Cool idea, would also get one. Just the "Generator" module, no morph, sequencer, etc.

  • Taupe

    hell yes we need this!
    for christmas?

  • Oktagon


    I recently released a max for live device that does this.

    Demo movie here:

    YouTube Video

    There’s another forum thread discussing it here:

  • Taupe

    yes i saw that, very nice!
    but unfortunately only for ableton

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