Uninstall Sonic Charge Synplant 1.0.1

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  • Theo Steiner

    Hi guys, I am newbie and from Canada. I don't know how to uninstall Sonic Charge Synplant 1.0.1 from my Mac computer. Can everybody help me?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Should be an uninstaller located in the Sonic Charge folder inside your Application folder.

  • Theo Steiner

    How To Dye Fabric Before Sewing

    Sewing is the most economical hobby ever because you are just not allowed to enjoy this at home but you don’t have to buy expensive things for the project. You can even prepare a project by a simple old fabric closed in your closet for years. So basically sewing is about how much creativity you can pour into one project and how you want to shape it like a dream?

    Dyeing is another factor included in the sewing. People usually ask that when you are attempting something to sew by a basic sewing machine for beginners then whether you should dye it before or after? Today you will get the answer to this question as well as you can find more information here about easy to use sewing machine for beginners and upcoming models. We are also going to tell you things about dyeing the fabric.

    Unfinished Garment:

    To save yourself from the trouble and to make sure that your garment must be colored from every corner, it’s recommended to dye it before sewing. In some of the fabrics at the time of pre-washing, there are instructions about the dyeing process as well so you can follow the clear and concise instruction without doing any damage to the garment.

    The unfinished garment has the ability to get the color in an accurate way as compared to the finished one. At the time of sewing, you may have to use so many things to sew and to handle the fabric. If you will dye the fabric after sewing then you are going to be in big trouble because the thread and other things you will use in contrast will change the color.

    Reliable Color:

    Never go for the cheap colors just because you want to save a few dollars. If you are sewing an expensive fabric or recreating any of your clothing which is delicate in nature but you are using a color which is cheap then my dear, the fiber of the fabric is going to be damage soon. Color has properties to weaken the fiber if it’s cheap and has high chemicals involved.

    I prefer to go for the reliable color which should be of the good brand and can protect the clothing from any kind of damage. Spend normal amount to buy the colors so you can also use it for the next time and your fabric can be used as well for the next few years. Cheap color will also get fade after some time and the dress will look ugly.

    How to Dye:

    If this is the first time that you are attempting to dye a fabric then you must need a complete guide about it and how should prepare it before sipping the fabric in. Take a large tub if you have a fabric which is huge but if you have a single piece of shirt then you can also use a small pot. Take hot water in the tub and add a bunch of salt in it.

    Salt will give strength to the fabric as well as it will also protect the fiber of the fabric from getting weaken. It will protect the color as well from doing any damage to the garment. Now add dye in the water and stir it until it’s complete dissolve in the tub. Add your pre-washed fabric into the tub to dye and stir it time to time for about 20-30 minutes.

    After being done with the whole process you can use the best basic sewing machine for sewing or can visit https://craftsselection.com/best-sewing-machines-for-beginners/ for more information.

    Soda Ash:

    Soda ash is another element which will add beauty and damaging protection in the whole process of dyeing. After 20 mins of constant stirring now you have to add soda ash into the hot water tub. Now stir time to time for next 50 minutes until the fabric gets the complete color of the dye. Now rinse the fabric out and let it dry. It would be great if you will not let it dry in the direct sunlight.

    Direct sunlight can damage the fiber of the fabric as well as can damage the color. I prefer to let it dry at some place where direct sunlight should not contact with the fabric right after dyeing.

    Rubber Band Technique:

    If you are looking for the dye technique as well then let me tell you about the basic one. The first one is rubber band technique which can leave a few amazing patterns on the garment and you will love the texture. Tie the fabric with the 5 rubber bands in the cross pattern and dip the fabric for 50 minutes into the dye.

    Let the color dry for an hour and then remove the bands from the fabric, you will see the patterns of flowers or the dark and light combination on the garment. This one is really amazing and you can try it first on some rough piece of shirt to see the results.

    Drying Technique:

    After dyeing any sort of fabric which is sensitive and require extra attention must not be directly dry into the sunlight. I prefer to let it stay in some airy space where it can dry a little and after some time you can change it's placed to some warm area. Direct sunlight can damage the color of the dye as well as it can also damage the fiber of the fabric.

    Once the fabric is dry, then you can start sewing it by machine. If you are looking for the right match for sewing machine then you may need to know Which Is The Best Starter Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews and Buying Tips to guide you through tips to choose the right machine. Here you will get the complete guide and you can learn more about the sewing machine functions.


    Dyeing is not an easy thing to attempt and especially when you are a beginner. I recommend all the sewers out there to dye the clothes first before sewing. It will be much convenient for you and later you can sew the whole project in peace. You can recreate the whole project by dyeing and by using some of the techniques to create the pattern on the shirt as well.

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