Remote map for Microtonic in Reason 10

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  • José Peters

    Hi Frederik,

    I have a question about remote mapping Microtonic in Reason 10

    I use Microtonic a lot and a bought a new Midicontroller for my laptop (Novation Launchkey mini MK3) and also i made a nice remote map file for Reason. The only thing is that i would like to map
    the Patterns A-B-C-E from Microtonic to the drum maps from the Launchkey by a custom remote file.

    When i export the remote file info from Microtonic i found this value:
    Pattern 0 4194304 Value ValueOutput

    Is there a way to use this in the remote file for reason like this?
    Scope Sonic Charge vst.NuMT.Microtonic
    // Control Surface Item Key Remotable Item
    Map Pad 1[TAB]Pattern 1
    Map Pad 2[TAB]Pattern 2
    Map Pad 3[TAB]Pattern 3

    or do i need use other values? Do you have some tips please?
    Best regards, Jose from the Netherlands...

  • Luis Bicho

    simply change the file in remote maps folder, and use the automap program inside reason.
    Novation Automap Control.remotemap(911kB, 516 downloads)

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