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  • anonymous

    On the MicroTonic/Synplant bundle, do both products have to be purchased simultaneously to get the bundle price? That is, if I bought one of them for the individual price now, would having that license allow me to then "upgrade" to the bundle for the difference between what I'd already paid and the bundle price, or would I pay the individual price for the second plugin?

  • Fredd€

    Hi and thank you for your question.

    We do not have any cross-upgrade discounts between our product. The only way you can save $40 is if you purchase Synplant and MicroTonic together in the bundle.

    If you already ordered one product recently and missed the bundle option by mistake, please contact us using the support form link at the bottom of the support page and we can take a look at it.

  • Lazylefteye

    Is it possible to do a bundle including Microtonic,Synplant and Bitspeek?
    Finances permitting i'd like to buy all 3 soon.



  • Fredd€

    Hi Steve, I'm sorry I missed your question in this thread.

    We do not have any bundle that gives any discount on Bitspeek. We thought about this when we were about to release Bitspeek. We decided against a bundle option for Bitspeek and instead we lowered the price on it for everyone so that customers that already had our other products could get it for the same price. We usually try our hardest to make sure that our customers don't find them self in a position where they regret not waiting for a better deal. That is one of the main reasons we do not have regular product sales or campaigns.

  • Lazylefteye

    Thanks for letting me know Frederik.
    I bought Microtonic and Synplant a few weeks ago.A couple of excellent and fun plug-ins to use.
    I'm planning to get Bitspeek next.

  • Nebulae

    I already have MT and Synplant. Is there a discount for buying the other two? Effectively, backdooring my way into the full bundle, of possible. Thanks.


  • Fredd€

    The bundle price is of course exclusive to the complete bundle. We do not have any standard cross product upgrade prices, but if you recently bought one ore more of our products before the bundle was available we could possibly upgrade the order. Contact me privately with your details through the support form and I will take a look.

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