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  • L M

    Is there a checksum available to verify downloaded installers?

  • Fredd€

    Sure, here are the current md5s for all our installers (dmg for Mac, zip for Windows)

    Sonic Charge Bitspeek 1.5.dmg                  a38ce04eae038df581fa6b8a7762a779
    Sonic Charge Bitspeek                  660dc52724abeba9c85cc19e53b0f190
    Sonic Charge Cyclone 1.0.dmg                   592aa7cec58513876457aafe09dd834b
    Sonic Charge Cyclone                   a0d267efd2d03ffb4cbb6ad9a5855a7a
    Sonic Charge Echobode 1.0.dmg                  c1aabeb98c127c16e6cde56ff7d37893
    Sonic Charge Echobode                  9862414422a19fa89672165acb5cb60d
    Sonic Charge Microtonic 3.2.dmg                901eb29418ed48ed9d5d048353dbd417
    Sonic Charge Microtonic                24100d3a8c2de6c99c643bb7790e2d7a
    Sonic Charge Permut8 1.1.dmg                   95f2e34d3b422140c56445791ed64d2a
    Sonic Charge Permut8                   adc4eb25021b547499b8433e166caea0
    Sonic Charge Plugins 2017.02.02.dmg            d765e187c56eaebba8b263293d1ff0fb
    Sonic Charge Plugins            9237cd49440caa2bce7679c60756d094
    Sonic Charge Synplant 1.2.2.dmg                8b33a9bd3ca188f1f74dcdce529f76cd
    Sonic Charge Synplant                560c7e42f0b71d4d8b1e42b467b01fa2
  • Fredd€

    additional downloads

    Microtonic First Decade.dmg                         7c88d7e8fe0bb8769390cd44b0315d8a
    Microtonic First                         c19a4768bc52fccc9ad78cc9753ba475
    Permut8 Official Firmware Banks 2015.12.22.dmg      0caa1dbf4cdc488534af69c3016d5a0a
    Permut8 Official Firmware Banks      7ea831217ec5ed367ba81fe9929e3c2e
    Synplant Crop of Year One.dmg                       f2b7643c39b0caf3ac2158430247093d
    Synplant Crop of Year                       8895ddc8378000cd57024ce32b28d7d5
    Synplant Horticultural Discoveries.dmg              e38219201a1cd2e01d82f4d292584209
    Synplant Horticultural              9f28a9086394dc5e2b4cca1ff074e867
    Synplant Supplementary Patches.dmg                  2a06b16d52e8e4cb915d377193e41860
    Synplant Supplementary                  45183d215b459825f78e455c9ade417e
  • L M

    Great! Thanks so much Fredrik 👍

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