Mapping knobs apckey 25 in microtonic

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  • juan ruiz

    Hi!, i’m using microtonic with Ableton live 10 and the controller apckey 25. I can’t map the knobs of the apc with the knobs of microtonic. I can start, stop, change patterns, but always with the keys of the controller. I try to assign the knobs with the function midi learn but i can’t do it. Flashing the midi symbol on the knob, i move a knob in the apckey and nothing. The Drum parts, the mute buttons, etc have a cc midi code, i can use these buttons properly in the keyboard of the apckey.

  • Gustavo Eduardo Ramos

    it is because the APC key 25 is a dedicated controller for Ableton the same thing happens to me; = (

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