PO-32 Pattern 16 - what’s going on there?

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  • Richard Ormrod

    I’ve had a PO-32 for about a week now and I’m struggling to put it down - it’s very musical and a lot of fun - great work producing it.

    I happily accepted that it is a 16-step sequencer and that one can adjust the swing of the even steps using the bpm/A knob combo, but I’m confused by the default pattern 16.

    On playback, this pattern shows the 16-step red tracking light but what comes out of the speakers sounds like a 12-step pattern with a West-African sounding groove, like a bembe. The swing function does not seem to affect this pattern.

    This is great - another level of rhythmic fun - but I can’t reproduce this effect in other patterns and I don’t understand quite how to control this functionality.

    I copied pattern 16 to a couple of other patterns to try and analyse it, but all I’ve found out is that holding FX + acc seems to destroy this 12-step vibe and return the pattern to 16-step.

    Has anyone else discovered anything like this? Not mentioned in the manual....


  • Richard Ormrod

    Making discoveries in the forum.....

    In a PO-32 FX thread, Magnus helpfully lists all the FX functions and what they actually achieve. I found this:

    10. 6/8 Quantize

    This is a pure sequencer effect where only three of each group of four 1/16th notes are played out, evenly spaced over each quarter. (It uses the first, second and third 1/16th note, unless there is no trigger on the third in which case it uses the fourth instead.) In other words: making triplets.

    Reading between the lines, it should be easy to get this effect to last any beat and so have true triplets lasting any combination of beats... interesting!

  • Richard Ormrod

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