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  • busterkeaton


    how can i get Microtonic to follow the different midi-velocities (volume) of a kick in my DAW without affecting the sound/timbre? All i want is different loudness for several notes. If i pull up the <vel buttons on the right side of Microtonics GUI, the sound changes...

    I just saw a topic from 2016 with the same/similar question unfortunately with no answer....

  • Magnus Lidström

    Good question. The "osc" and "noise" velocity knobs in Microtonic control the level of the oscillator and noise before the mix-down. The "distort" amount is applied after the mix-down. This implies that a lower velocity will generate a weaker signal going into the distortion and a weaker signal that is distorted will always sound different than a louder signal.

    In other words: as long as the "distort" knob is anything but zero there is no guarantee that the drum patch will sound the same with different velocities.

    Apart from this there is also the "mod" velocity knob that might change the character of the sound, but if you turn that knob all the way down it will be disabled.

    To achieve what you ask for I can only think of workaround solutions like:

    1. Copy the kick to other drum channels, change the "level" knob and use different midi notes for different velocities.
    2. Export the kick to audio (can be done directly in Microtonic) and put it into a sampler device in your DAW.
    3. Put the kick on a separate audio output channel (perhaps using the "Multi" version of Microtonic) and then apply volume automation separately. E.g. in Live you could use "clip envelopes". Or you could use something like xfer's LFO Tool.
  • busterkeaton

    Good answer -:), thanks Magnus.

    i was afraid, that only workarounds could help me out...
    solutions, but not ideal for creative groove making...

  • Magnus Lidström

    I'll note a request for velocity -> overall level.

  • busterkeaton

  • JBDS1

    Magnus Lidström can you please explain how to do this " Export the kick to audio (can be done directly in Microtonic) " from your prevoius comment .. we have the export pattern to audio but how to export individual sounds ? thank you

  • Richard Wilis

    I was wondering if the velocity - overall level has been implemented yet? I couldn't find it. It would be a really helpfull feature.

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