Microtonic only get one output (A)

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  • Andrew Humphries

    Product Name and Version - MicroTonic 3.0
    Operating System and Version - Win XP SP3
    Host Name and Version - Cubase 5.0.1

    Hi there -

    when I load up Microtonic in Cubase, I only get one output (A) coming up in the mixer, this is the case if I use the Multi out version or the regular version of Microtonic. In the regular version, the 'B' output button is greyed out. Have had a look around google but no help

    Can you assist me ?



  • Magnus Lidström

    Hi there, sorry for a late reply. I remembered you had to do something special in Cubase to enable multiple outputs, but I had to sort out a problem with my Cubase NFR key to check it.

    Check this screenshot for what I hope is a solution to your problem:

  • Alex Alfathome

    Salut à tous,
    j'ai exactement le même problème que Andrew mais sur Ableton Live 8.4.2 (mac osx 10.7.5).
    Quand je vai dans / utilitaire / Configuration audio et midi / périphérique audio / et ou / studio midi,
    je ne vois pas où je peux l'activer. Merci d'avance pour l'aide

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