Can't Figure Out How to Load Synplant No Matter What Software I'm Using (MAGIX)

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    First off, I'd like to make it clear that I'm using Synplant for sound effect production, not music production. Second, I'm trying to use Synplant in the MAGIX product line, Vegas specifically, as I'm trying to incorporate the sound effects into my videos. The problem arises that whenever I scan my VST plugin folder, only Bitspeek shows up and not Synplant, and I cannot figure out why for the life of me. Is it because Synplant isn't compatible with Vegas? I also tried applying it to Sound Forge and Acid Music Studio and came up with similar results. I'm aware that these plugins are supposed to be used with more dedicated digital music workstations, but all I really have access to is Vegas and its related suites, because, again, I'm not a musician.

    In any case, I hope this is enough information, I really don't know the ins and outs of VST plugins or the connected terminology, so if anyone decides to respond to this topic, please explain what's wrong in the simplest related terms.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    I'm not familiar with the Vegas product so I'm not sure if there is a difference in how you add VST Instruments (like Synplant) to it compared to adding VST Effects (like Bitspeek).

    Is there any plugin manager where you can see which plug-ins it has found? Did you install them both using our latest multi-installer? If only one shows up, make sure they are both the same 32- or 64-bit version and installed in the same path.

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