Microtonic MIDI notes assignement not kept with the patch

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  • Dominique Bassal


    I am using Microtonic as a complement for a sample-based drum, to enrich and dynamize the samples. So I have one set-up for each drum part - kick, snare, etc - where all eight voices are made to respond to the same MIDI note. Microtonic is triggered by the same MIDI note as the sampled instrument, and their outputs are mixed to taste. I can choose and edit which voice(s) I need for the particular drum instrument I am working on. For example, my kick user preset gives me the choice between several oomphs, several attacks, etc.

    This is very nice, but the notes assignements are not kept with the saved patch, which means that each time I recall the kick patch, I have to reassign MIDI notes for all 8 voices.

    Is there a way to keep those MIDI maps with the saved patches, or at least save & recall different MIDI maps?

    Thanks in advance!


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