Thank You SonicCharge

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  • Michael Kohl

    I am a longtime user of your products, from the beginning of SynPlant. In 2017 I packed up my home studio to relocate. In 2018 when I set it up again, I discovered that my studio computer had lost all data. I also lost all email, including past software registration. I had a large number of plugins that needed to be reinstalled.

    Then came a two year battle with cancer. As you can see, I won this time.

    Last night I tried to reinstall my SonicCharge plugins. It was easier than ANY other plugins I have attempted to reinstall. Thank you SonicCharge, I am deeply grateful!

  • SIC

    Hi Michael. Brilliant news about your battle with cancer.
    I would also like to join you in praise for SonicCharge. Not just for their fantastic and very unique plugins but also as a company. Their support is second to none and I have had nothing but a very pleasant experience whenever I have needed them (all 2 of them :).
    Awesome company.
    Keep up the good work guys!

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