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  • Magnus Lidström

    I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times. We are doing fine here. Working from home is not much of a change for us, of course. Fredrik and I have been working remotely together for over 20 years. But these are undoubtedly tough times for us all. Luckily there is nothing safer than staying indoors and making music on a computer, or developing music software for that matter. So we will continue doing just that. As always.

    We are pleased to announce that updates to our entire line of products are available today. With these updates we have taken the opportunity to refactor and clean out obsolete technologies in order to move forwards into the 2020's. Some of our products have not been updated in over five years, so there has been a lot to work on.

    While most changes in these updates are under the hood there are some very visible additions too. First and foremost, all plugins (except Synplant) now features high resolution graphics and re-scalable user interfaces. (Synplant has however been updated with other bug and compatibility fixes.)


    Second, Microtonic can now be extended with scripts written in Javascript and these scripts can display custom user interface elements. A separate installer with a selection of clever scripts is available on our download page for registered customers. Here is a little demo:

    YouTube Video

    For a detailed list of other fixes and changes please refer to the individual product user guides. The most important compatibility fix is that our plugins are now compatible with Mac hosts that are built with the latest SDK from Apple. (This includes Cubase 10.5 and Garageband.)

    We have also updated the official Permut8 Firmware Installer with the previously released Specular firmware as well as two brand new firmwares: Vortex and JS80RMX. Vortex is a generative synth (based on the "about box easter egg" in Microtonic) and JS80RMX lets you import songs from the JS80TRX chiptune tracker and transform them beyond recognition. Have a listen.

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

    Just download and run the latest installer to update. Since we have changed some details in our license management system you will need to authorize all the plugins again. This is easily done with the Authenticator after installation. For clarity we have reset the installation count shown by the Authenticator, although we have never had any hard limit on the number of personal computers that you may install our software on.

    Have fun with these updates and stay safe!

    / Magnus and Fredrik

    Update: Please note that Mac versions require Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

  • Zilvinas Zusinas

    Thank you so much, Magnus and Fredrik!

  • Simon Leo

    this is f***ing awesome! thx a lot for your work on these updates!

  • Neil Mitchell-Goodson

    A suspicious mind may conclude that the lack of a user interface update for Synplant might indicate that version 2 is near(ish) release?

  • Sam Saw

    Cheers lads much appreciated

  • Andy_R

    Thank you so much!

  • craig allan

    Amazing. Thanks

  • Niklas Brandt Katborg

    Wonderful!! Thank you very much :)

  • Steve Olofsson

    Awesome news, big thanks! The microtonic updates look really promising :)

  • Rhino Schneider

    Awesome!!! Thanks.

  • exm

    ow yeah! awesome updates! Love the bigger UI's and the new firmwares. Lovely!

  • Martin Walker

    Hi Magnus and Fredrik,

    This is an excellent surprise - thank you both for all your continued hard work!


  • Todd Silva

    Thank you Magnus and Fredrik, and yes, stay safe!!

  • ITommy Zai

    Dear Magnus and Fredrik, Thank you so much for all you do! Also, thank you to the active beta testers. I apologize for being relatively inactive this time. ;-( I will, however, enjoy the fruits of your labor. MUCH appreciated!! Tommy Zai

  • David O'Sullivan

    Please update Synplant with a fresh new look and features, it's a totally unique piece that sparks creativity every time. Thanks everyone.

  • AB459

    Thanks !

  • rsm

    Fantastic! Big THANK YOU Magnus and Fredrik!

  • Silvio Ecomo

    The Microtonic extensions look amazing, will definitely have fun using them. And the new Permutate firmwares too. Thanks!

  • Motion

    Thank you Magnus and Fredrik for all the hard work and effort with these updates and all the new features, firmwares and improvements...fantastic!, oh and for what its worth we'll be giving our microbial adversary a good kicking in due course....kindest regards.

  • Aesthete

    mTonic still the best vst drum machine out there. Permut 8 a great mangler. Thank you for the updates.

  • Sven Weisemann

    hey magnus... thx great update specially the re-scalable function
    but where is the re-scalable function by synplant can't see anything?

  • tony senghore

    Keep on rockin'n in the free world! <3

  • Shallie Dragon

    Good stuff! I'll probably run those updates after dinner.

  • Gotthard Ortner

    Thanks so much for the awesome Microtonic Update

  • Gotthard Ortner

    Any special deals in the next time?

  • Alfonso Santimone

    Wow! Great! Is there any scripting manual for MicroTonic?

  • Luis Bicho

    Thank you Sonic Charge for the amazing update. Stay safe stay home...

  • Brendan Donovan

    Thank you!!!

    Saving those Synplant graphics improvements for 2, I see... ; )

  • James Gregory

    Yeah!!!!!!! Love you guys. Thank you so much X

  • Aesthete

    How do you resize uTonic 3.3 on Mac/Mojave ?

  • anthony lee

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • tubesockor

    Really cool, Magnus! Looks great.


  • Bichuelo Audiotecna

    Great, thanks!! I'll be updating Microtonc right away

    Does these new features change somehow the compatibility with TE's PO-32 Tonic and PO-35 Speak?

  • Giuseppe Pischetola

    thanks!! after all these years still ruling!

  • Joey Luck

    Awesome! Thanks so much and continue staying safe! :)

  • Aesthete

    - Aesthete wrote:
    How do you resize uTonic 3.3 on Mac/Mojave ?

    Nevermind, Zoom.

  • James Gregory

    - Aesthete wrote:
    - Aesthete wrote:
    How do you resize uTonic 3.3 on Mac/Mojave ?
    Nevermind, Zoom.

    Was literally going to write that, as couldn't figure it out at first! Right click on GUI and zoom :)

  • Joey Luck

    - James Gregory wrote:
    Was literally going to write that, as couldn't figure it out at first! Right click on GUI and zoom :)

    Also, you can click on the menu (arrow button) located in the top left of each plugin. I think the only plugin that doesn't have the menu button is Bitspeek?

  • Kirke Jan Blankenship

    Thank you. Still, my very Secret Weapons :)~

  • James Gregory

    - Joey Luck wrote:
    - James Gregory wrote:
    Was literally going to write that, as couldn't figure it out at first! Right click on GUI and zoom :)
    Also, you can click on the menu (arrow button) located in the top left of each plugin. I think the only plugin that doesn't have the menu button is Bitspeek?

    Oh yeah - even easier. Lol :)

  • aoVI

    Thank you for making great software even better.

  • Akod

    What a nice surprise! Great! Thank you!

    Hope you're not too depleted by all that work and it's not too soon to say that, but I'd love to be able in turn to support you by buying some new thing soon, though! (Hopefully a new version of Synplant of course...)

    Be safe.

  • Randy Hayes

    How wonderful! Thank you for all you do for musicians!

  • K C

    Thank you

  • jeff

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Hans Alois Plank

    How do you resize uTonic 3.3 GUI on Win10? Cannot find a way.

  • Hans Alois Plank

    Finally figured it out:
    Click on the menu button (first bold triangle arrow button located in the top left corner), choose "Zoom" and you will be able to change the plugin window size in a new field top left with (+ and -) percentiges of default sice.
    Anyway, great, thanks!

  • Muziksculp


    A Big Thank You to SonicCharge and Crew for the latest update.

    MicroTonic ver 3.3 with a scalable GUI is so much nicer to work with compared to the older tiny GUI. (Finally) .

    Here is a pic of the new ver. 3.3 MicroTonic on my Studio's TV HD Screen.

    Microtonic Large.jpg


  • PsYAuM

    what changes are there to Echobode?

  • chao

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • Steve Lampert

    Rockin' updates! Many thanks!

  • jonathan ray

    right on !! big ups. cheers

  • philter

    wow! thx a lot guys! my dreams about a re-scalable user interface for microtonic
    finally becomes reality! the java scripting thing sounds very interesting, too.
    damn, i think i finally have to learn this scripting stuff a little better...
    but now that i have so much free time atm it seems like the perfect time to do that ;)

    greetings from germany


  • Tom Valdez

    Awesome guys, thank you!!!!

  • Collier Adair

    The scripts for microtonic are amazing. Going to play with this now. Thanks for making these plugins scaleable.

  • Aesthete

    uTonic Euclidean Beats!

  • Kuzma Palkin

    Thank you guys!

  • Jarome Matthew

    Wow, positive things in dark times are most welcome!
    And even new firmware for Permut8? Amazing, thanks for your efforts!

  • Bjoern Udo Beez

    THIS !"!"! THANK YOU !!!

    Looks really great on my 43" Philips Momentum Monitor in 4K !

    greetings from Germany !

    stay healthy

  • frédéric Henrion

    My favourite Drum synth was updated !!!
    Micro tonic is still alive.
    Easter eggs time is coming, happy to see this eggs every year.


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