uTonic app for ipad!!!

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  • johnjohnson

    I think an app for iPad could be successful !

    and you what do you think?


  • BoB SwanS

    I personally am not a fan of Ipad apps, I did recently have a very good time with Animoog though.
    I think Synplant would be a much better app to look into
    Maybe you already are looking into it ?

  • Magnus Lidström

    In all honesty I have torn feelings on iOS synths. Sure, Animoog, Alchemy etc are more than decent indeed, and touch can certainly be used for innovative UI's, but apart from that, running synths under iOS is like stepping back 10, 20 years in time. Apart from the obvious lack of a plug-in format, or anything better than plain old jittery MIDI, the CPU makes it tough to run more than one instance of a complex synth. Thus, I am not seeing any future in the iPad or iPhone for full music production. But certainly, for recreational use or live performance there is a lot of fun to be had with multi-touch.

    But then there is also the entire price deflation situation, which seems to get worse all the time. The five dollar GarageBand was a hard blow for anyone making iPad DAWs and now Moog sets a new low for soft synths with their $1 introduction price. I am sure this works for them and that they are making truckloads of dollars (and more importantly, getting massive press attention), but it wouldn't work for all music app developers.

    If we play with the thought of making full-featured ports of MicroTonic or Synplant to iOS, I would want the price to compare fairly with the plug-in versions, but I bet that wouldn't give me much sales. Sure, I could do what everyone else is doing, having intro-offers, discount offers, letting the price bounce up and down like a roller coaster, but I just can't be bothered to be perfectly frank. Hope that doesn't make me sound arrogant, but the way I've always seen it is if I spend one minute on marketing that I could spend on coding cool new stuff instead, that is a minute lost.

    In fact, it would make more sense to give it away for free or dirt-cheap to existing plug-in customers, as a complementary version (just like you get both Windows and Mac versions today), but Apple won't approve that on App Store.

    These are just some thoughts off the top of my head. I am not saying I won't do iOS. iPhones and iPads are cool as shit, and I am sure I could do something extraordinary on them, but it just raises so many questions that don't even exist when I develop VST/AU plug-ins.

  • BoB SwanS

    I agree with many of your points, my main issue is that some companys seems to have almost ceased supporting past vst's over making apps for IOS.

    So personally, i welcome your opinion and look forward to more updates for your already amazing line of products

  • johnjohnson

    Thank you for your interest and your honesty , I personally use more ipad for multiple app , midi controller (touchosc , griid ect) and synth (ims-20 , ielektribe , rebirth , animoog , filtatron, funkbox ...

    It's another way to work , I totally agree on the point that it is not appropriate as a DAW , it allows me to work on ideas of sound (synth,drums,fx...) without having to be in my studio . For me the iPad is an instrument in itself and a midi ultimate controller , it is very intuitive more than a mouse , it is very comfortable too.

    I understand that for marketing it must be complicated , should rather target the pro with a higher price just to be , there are two categories of users (gamers and pro)
    Gorillaz we demonstrated that the ipad has potential and continues to evolve.

    This could be fun for utonic , it is a midi control app for live performance (Synplants also e.g. spectrasonics omnisphere) It could be very interesting , probably easiest to edit the app and it requires users to buy the real plugin (AU/VST) , I can imagine the beauty of the controller synplant ipad :-)

    I also have many other ideas for the development utonic(AU/VST) , I would be happy to share with you.

  • Scott Oram

    Hmm, very interesting post.

    I was excited I must admit, but I see the other side of this issue now.

    Yes, the apps do sell for practically nothing.

    Korg seems to know their price, and $24 for an app being considered "expensive" is a little much...

    I just love uTonic, and whatever it takes for Sonic Charge to keep it up and producing wonderful sounds and beats for us, I say GREAT!

    If that means no iOS version, I'm 100% fine with that! I just love uTonic! :rolleyes:

  • Dave Balmer

    I remember emailing Magnus shortly after I got the Korg iElectribe for the iPad with pretty much the same "OMG OMG! Tablet -- uTonic!" message. I know it's creepy to step into Apple's little walled garden, and the app catalog is a bit daunting. What about other platforms? BlackBerry has nothing substantial in audio creation for their PlayBook, and their OS seems a lot more standard to develop for. I know not tons of units, but hey, you'd have a captive audience. :) Or Android (basically these days means Kindle Fire)... or, if you must, iOS.

    The thing is, uTonic is useful on its own for sketching out songs and arrangements. Especially if you can record automation... oh-MY! I'd love to keep this idea alive, whatever the platform. Having uTonic living on a tablet (especially if I could export patches and programs) would be great for travel or just mucking about with ideas. I still use Krog's offering, but I've fizzled out due to its limited sound capabilities (and no, the Gorillaz version with its samples didn't help). uTonic on a tablet would be great. :)

  • Paolo Gozzetti

    hi there, chime in to re-request for any chance to see a uTonic App for iPad anytime soon. Would be a dream come true

  • Taupe


  • Paolo Gozzetti

    thank you for your reply, but I am referring to a new, standalone iPad App

  • gsm909

    Magnus Lindstrom said (03-Nov-2011) :
    Apart from the obvious lack of a plug-in format, or anything better than plain old jittery MIDI, the CPU makes it tough to run more than one instance of a complex synth. Thus, I am not seeing any future in the iPad or iPhone for full music production.

    Well things have certainly moved on somewhat in the past few years, and the iPad is very much a capable music production environment, with some amazing synths/drums/fx. Format wise, AB, IAA, and more recently AUx have been introduced and are very stable and workable. Technologies like Ableton Link have further pushed the crossover between iPad and PC/Mac, and opened up possibilities only dreamt of a few years ago.

    I love my SonicCharge products, but I would still love to have a portable MicroTonic app to take with me, with my iPad.

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