microtonic - midi implementation question

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  • R_C

    I'm trying to set up a live rig for microtonic, but am struggling with some of the midi implementation.

    Can someone please let me know;

    • How I can replicate the sequencer matrix via midi (ie, 16 beats x 8 sounds plus fill/accent variants)
    • How to 'solo' via midi


  • Magnus Lidström

    Use "Pitched MIDI Mode" and then MIDI channel 1 to 8 for the different drum channels. Use these controls to assign the first CC value for each lane:

    Solo is trickier. Microtonic doesn't really have a solo function so there is no CC for it. Instead you need to mute everything except the channel you wish to solo. If this is possible at all depends on how flexible your MIDI controller hardware solution is.

  • R_C

    Thanks Magnus

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