Storing Presets on External Drive

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  • Jonathan Levine

    Hello, I just had a quick question. I have Synplant, with a lot of presets that I either created or found from other sources, and would like to store them on an external drive that I have so I can save some storage on my main drive. Is there a way I can do this and have Synplant read both the stock presets and other presets off of my external drive?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Synplant patch files are very small, 1.5kb each, or about 1MB in total for all factory presets (but due to how filesystems work they may require a bit more). If you want to you could probably move all patches (factory and custom) to a single folder on your external drive, but there must be more effective ways to free up space on your harddrive, no?

    The drop-down menu in Synplant shows patches from one directory at a time. Just choose to open a patch somewhere else (with "Browse Patches...") and the drop-down menu will display everything in that location instead.

    The "Go to Factory Patches" and "Go to User Patches" buttons can be used to quickly jump between "/Library/Audio/Presets/Sonic Charge/" and another location of choice (e.g. your external drive).

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