After latest Permut8 update all old banks have gone, Flakes etc

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  • phil gregory

    Hi Sonic Charge after the updating to the latest Permut8 update all my previous banks have disappeared. So Flakes, Beatrick, Bender, BitBox Foobar all are gone. Please can you help me with this, I have songs that use those plugins, are now there gone? So thats knackered all my songs for the last 12months? please advise.

    kindest regards


  • phil gregory

    OK Fixed it, just reinstalled the banks again. Phew, big Phew. And thats why Sonic Charge is solid software =o)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Glad you got the .p8bank files back.

    Actually, the Permut8 Firmwares that you use are saved in your song files. And with that I mean the actual code for the firmwares and not only firmware names / identifiers. If you load up an old project, any firmware that you've used should load back and sound exactly the same as when you saved it, even if you do not have the .p8bank file for the firmware installed in your presets folder.

    This also means that if we (or someone else) update the code for a firmware, the update will not be applied to your old projects automatically. To update the firmware you would instead need to manually reload the .p8bank inside Permut8.

    This is "by design" of course. It means that your old projects are protected and will always load back and sound like they did when you last saved them.

  • phil gregory

    Brilliant, thanks Magnus. Really appreciate the updates and the help.

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