Does the end of the Synplant trial delete the patch made during the trial?

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  • David Maters

    Dear all,

    I downloaded the 3 week trial of synplant and was super excited about synplant. However, I opened my DAW just now to finish the track I was working on and the Synplant had "died". Very witty, but it looks like the patch died as well. When the trial is over and you purchase synplant, will it recover the patch from the last save? Otherwise, a lot of time has been spend for nothing. My entire track was built around that sound and, together with two other tracks, they were going to be sent out as an EP.

    Please let me know as soon as possible! If the purchase will recover my patch, I will buy Synplant immediately. If not, I will be gutted.

    Anxiously waiting for your reply!

    Kind regards,
    David Maters

  • Magnus Lidström

    Naturally, everything will be fully restored when you register and the plant comes back to life.

    Glad that you like Synplant. We would be happy to welcome you as a customer and I would love to hear the EP when it is finished.

  • David Maters

    All right! Thnx for replying so quickly, what a relieve! And I will definitely send you the tracks when they're finished

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