Micrtonic Demo period ran out early

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  • Paul Bryant

    I installed the Synplant and Microtonic demos on my 32-bit WinXP laptop back in July. On that machine I used each for a total of around three to six hours before the entire computer died. A month later, I had a brand new 64-bit Win 7 desktop system (Intel i7-2600), and I installed the same Synplant and Microtonic demos as before.

    However, this time the Synplant demo accumulates time properly (only counting when it's running), but the Microtonic demo expired after three weeks even though I probably had it running less than a couple of hours during that period. I shut my computer off daily, and only run music-related software two or three days a week. So I can't imagine a process kept running in the background for Microtonic only.

    Does this make any sense to you? Between this and my original computer crash, I haven't had a fair chance to test out Microtonic since I first got the demo four months ago!

    By the way, your three week demo plan (counted only when used) is very generous. Thank you for that. Now I just need it to work!


  • Fredrik Lidström


    Of course, we want you to be able to try out MicroTonic properly. I have sent you further details by email.

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