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  • Francois

    Hello there,

    Not sure if it's normal but the download page ( has some weird redirects and is linking to "Sonic Charge Plugins" for what is supposed to be a download manager.
    The exe inside the zip, "Install Sonic Charge Plugins.exe" will trigger my Windows Defender (I'm on Windows 10).
    I've tried to find direct links via search engines, and all I found was "Sonic Charge Microtonic" which contains "Install Sonic Charge Microtonic.exe".
    All this seems to do is copying a bunch of files (docs, presets and drum patches) as well as installing a tool to check the licence. At least it didn't trigger anything and the binary seemed legit from a Windows standpoint, but I wonder if I ultimately didn't make a mistake running it.
    (It also apparently enabled my copy but I wish I could check)

    Can anyone share direct links for the actual product installer, or at least tell me how to get the product installed on my PC?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Fredrik Lidström


    The Install Sonic Charge Plugins.exe is not a download manager but actually a multi-installer that contains all individual product installers. The reason why it triggers a Windows Defender warning (and the Microtonic 3.2 does not) is that it is a relatively new download. Microsoft uses a reputation-based system and will adjust the score as more and more download and install our product. Once it reaches above a threshold, it will stop showing warnings.

    Regarding the redirects, it is just a solution for us to offload the installers to a content delivery network where there are nodes spread over the world. It starts as an URL on our website, then redirects to a url, which will pick the server that is in or closest to your region.

    Here are the official checksums for Windows and Mac installers

    b8cb50984eb438ed48863422e6f87f52 *Sonic Charge Plugins 2020.03.22.dmg
    3427d18fa48ccbde630e8db72f7bc7b9 *Sonic Charge Plugins
    592aa7cec58513876457aafe09dd834b *Sonic Charge Cyclone 1.0.dmg
    0ab26633e0cad7ebba318e84ae1e3ed8 *Sonic Charge Cyclone
    02965ed28e95ade277412a76b1a40527 *Microtonic First Decade.dmg
    d4900fc68fb6f0384f4197d961dddbcd *Microtonic First
    01471feb2574062eeb09f4cbe7d7cda2 *Official Microtonic Scripts 2020.03.29.dmg
    7d06c8cb61d24aeeadebe3069eeaa81b *Official Microtonic Scripts
    26c599a711b53be2efe120608bdf20dc *Permut8 Official Firmware Banks 2020.03.22.dmg
    92184a3fa11c54044728eecbf601ccd3 *Permut8 Official Firmware Banks
    249fd0ce62db66443b60682ac8d609e4 *Synplant Collection One.dmg
    af2196ef067e72954255116f4473a798 *Synplant Collection
  • Francois

    Thanks for the quick and detailed answer Fredrik, I can now safely allow it through :)

    Have a great day!

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