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    Is it possible to add a arranger-style "Fill In" function in microtonic?

    Let's say you have two additional buttons "Fill A" and "Fill B". Pattern "a" is the main rhythm, pattern "e" is linked to "Fill A" and pattern "f" is linked to "Fill B" Whenn a Fill In is activated the coresponding pattern is always played on the next bar. So if the main rhythm is playing and you hit "Fill A" the sequence "a - e - a - a - a..." is played. If "Fill A" is activated and you press "Start" the sequence would be "e - a - a - a..." (like a Intro). If you have programmed a chain like "a - b - c - d" and you hit "Fill B" while pattern "b" is played you will her "a - b - f - d - a - b - c - d..."

    Because I want to use microtonic for live performance this would be a nice feature.

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